Join me for a ride

Join me for a ride on my adventure!
 I’m a full time traveler thats bouncing around the USA in my van and on my  Tenere.


It’s time for a ride, I’m heading out on a journey  to ride all over the country. I’ll invite other Super Tenere owners, and ADV riders of all brands, to ride with me when I’m in their areas. It’s the same concept as in the PNWSTOG ( but on a much bigger scale, nationwide. Best of all, I’ll be blogging about the trip and the people I meet.

My goals:
1. Not to ride alone, but to connect with other  Tenere and adventure riders of all brands via social media.
2. Welcome interested riders to ride with me from state to state. There will be no freeway on the route, only two lane pavement and forest roads.
2. Go on small group adventure rides around the country with other adventure riders. Have them show me their favorite dual sport routes.
3. Do sections of the BDRs and Adventure Trails around the country (TWAT in Wisconsin and TART in Arkansas to name a few)
4. Help build the  Tenere brand as the adventure bike it is.
5. Engage the online community through Facebook groups, my blog, YouTube and the Tenere forum to find people to ride with.
6. Promote the great companies that make  Tenere accessories and gear that I use like: Yamaha, Altrider,Twisted Throttle, Touratech, Heidenau tires, Mosko Moto luggage, Giant Loop Luggage, Icon, Klim, Cyclops adventure lights, Best Rest products, Camel Adventure,Seth Laam seats  and Redverz tents.

The trip will be essentially self-funded, but I’d love some support from the adventure community as I make my way around the USA. I’ll be looking for a spare room or back yard to camp in for a night or two. I do need a power source for a medical device (C-PAP) but I’m self sufficient otherwise.

This has been a dream for over 10 years now, and I’m really looking forward to getting out on the road to ride with everyone in the ADV community.

Contact me on my Facebook blog or here on my blog if you’d like to ride with me, host me when I pass through, or help me out in some way.


Glen “Northwest Cajun” Comeaux

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