Almost done / what’s next..


Well, it’s almost done. 20,000 miles, 4 corners and 44 states traversed so far.  I’m at a buddy’s place in the UP of Michigan on my last rest day before I head to Washington. I have hotel reservations in Duluth Min., Aberdeen SD., Miles City Mt. and staying with friends in Missoula Mt. and Moses Lake Wa.  There are right at 2000 miles between here and home, it’s going to be a long week.  I know I’m taking a pretty quick route home but the weather is turning cooler, I’m getting tired, and the budget I had set up for this trip is getting a little low. I’ll be back out to see the places I’ve missed soon enough.

Yesterday I made a post in a group on Facebook dedicated to my old USAF career field to say thanks to 15-18 old  co-workers and friends that hosted me on my trip. It’s nearing almost 200 “likes” in less than 24 hours so I guess it struck a chord with the military community on how this trip brings us together even after a decade or two. I feel truly blessed to have had the support from my friends as I made my way across the country.  This trip couldn’t have been done without them. Thanks guys! Once I get home and settled, I’ll reach out to each one and thank them.

Many people are asking me “what’s next? ” and while it’s been on my mind, it’s not taking up too much space ;-).  I have a lot of options ahead that can take me in several directions. One thing I have learned on this trip is to keep your route flexible. I’ll do my best to never forget that. Setting your GPS to “walking” now and again takes you on the best roads:-)

The Rhode Island state line and a couple miles of great dirt

I’m also very much looking forward to seeing my girls and the guys in the PNWSTOG. One other thing is sleeping in my own bed! That’s one of the many things that I’ve learned on the road, so much can be said for sleeping in the same bed every night, even if it’s in the back of a van or small RV 😉 like this from Outsidevan


Yes, this is one of my options, though it would have a Yamaha and not a KTM on the back :-p

Other option are:

Building or buying a cabin in the woods that’s closer to the dual sport riding we all like to do. It could be a jumping off point for the group rides.

Becoming a “snowbird” part of the year that ties directly into the van/RV and cabin scenario.

Whichever option I do tackle first, traveling across this country part or most of the year on 2 and/or 4 wheels will be the priority.

I’ll arrive home next week, get my house back in order and work on this blog to post up the hundreds of  pictures I took with the stories behind them. Something I haven’t really had the time or the right computer to do it with.  So just because my trip is over, there is much more in store. Please stay tuned!

Oh, If you are thinking of doing a trip like this, don’t hesitate! Do it!! It’s so worth it!FullSizeRender

Take care and THANK YOU! For following me on my journey…

Sun and Fun Powersports, Iowa City Iowa

Hi y’all!

I’m writing up this quick blog to let everyone know I had some excellent service here in Iowa City today at Sun and Fun Powersports. I had the  Heidenau K-60 Scout rear tire changed out after about 14,000 miles. (It was last changed in Denver at Woodys Wheels) The GM Scott Goedken wasn’t around but his service manager Jared Jasena had me in and out in 30 min. That’s the quickest tire change I’ve ever seen. Fast and professional service!


42 states down, 6 to geaux

I’ve been on the road 117 days so far, traveled to 42 states and 2 Canadian providences in about 19,600 miles. Closing in on the 20k mark, should hit that in the next couple days.


This is my plan for the route home, I call it my plan “Z”


I’m looking forward to getting home in a couple weeks, seeing my girls, Elsa and the guys from the PNWSTOG . They are trying to plan a welcome home party, I just hope it’s not too extravagant.



Pennsylvania…….. :-D

I wasn’t expecting to spend this much time in Pennsylvania but I’m sure glad I did!




Making my way up the east coast, I had been invited to 2 different events in central Pa., a week apart. The 1st was the Yamaha side-by-side ATV demo event at the Rock Run in Patton Pa. The 2nd was the Touratech rally east, not far away in Huntingdon Pa. that next weekend. Both were a blast and I was very fortunate to meet some great people at both.

After making my run up to corner number 4 in Madawaska Maine, I had to traverse Pennsylvania one last time.
From one of my postings on the Tenere forum, Jon Polay reached out to me to ride some of the best roads in his state, plus he’s a Tenere owner so who would pass the up……..right?
I pulled up to his place just outside State College Pa and into his 3 “car” garage but it wasn’t filled with cars, but 8 motorcycles! One for every day of the week 😉 There were some from Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Honda, Buell, and Kawasaki. He’s not too picky.. Actually one of the bikes was for his wife and another for his son, even so, it’s a dream garage for most of us.

Jon had set up a ride with his two buddies David Dix on a watercooled GS and Greg Lang on his “wee-strom” to join me as I ride from State College southwest into West Virginia to get on US 50 West. What laid before us was 200+ miles of the curviest and most scenic roads I haven’t seen since Northern California back in May.

David and Greg had to peel off earlier in the day so Jon and I continued on into West Virginia for a bit. I will say Pennsylvania has much better quality pavement but both offer excellent curves and vistas. Pennsylvania will be high on my list if (when) I get out this way again!

Having a local to call on to show you around weather on or off road is a huge bonus! 😉 Thank you Jon, David and Greg for a great day!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!