Oregon’s Coastal range


I hung out with Ronald Kelm the last couple days at his place in the town of Drain to ride the coastal mountain range of southwest Oregon. We were scouting locations for a spot to host next years Rendezvous, I many have found it😏!  There is so much area to go and ride! In the two days we logged about 450  miles and didn’t get through 1/2 of it! Most of the area is twisty, one or two lane  paved forest roads (of various conditions )  with lots of gravel logging or fire roads that cut across the ridge lines. I’m sure there is single track stuff for the riders that want to challenge themselves. There is also plenty of sand dunes along the coast for the riders that want to spend a day digging out a Super Tenere 😜   Another good thing is there aren’t many locked gates so most of the area is accessible🙌

I’ll set plans for the rendezvous in motion around the first of the year for a late May or early June 2020 timeframe. For now enjoy the pics!