Plans for the future

It’s been a year now since my departure and what a year it’s been! I’m back home in the PNW, working full time at my old job and dreaming of my next adventure.    These are potential routes I’m playing around with for my next trip. I wouldn’t stick exactly to the routes but staying at 70 degrees all year round is a goal. As you can see it’s a much slower pace. Getting to know an area for days or weeks as opposed to just driving by will have it’s advantages.…/a-13235-mile-road-trip-fo…/411406/

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 6.03.38 AMScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 6.03.52 AM

Lots of things need to fall into place before departure. Things like: watch my daughter graduate high school, sell my house, Yamaha to release the T-7 concept as a production model and finally buy a 170″ LWB Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit cargo van for up-fitting into an Adventure rig. See, not much 😜
I’m at least 12 months out from starting this adventure. Now is the time to plan, save $$ and get the house ready to sell.
Trust me, more to follow!

170″ LWB MB Sprinter with T-7 on the back bumper or inside
Van interior
Minimalist interior, maximum options
Murphy bed
Murphy bed like this in the back of my van.
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 6.14.23 AM
Bed up, bike and gear inside
I’d like to reverse the colors with yellow stripes and lettering on a black van
The new Yamaha T-7 700cc concept bike due out in 2018