Heidenau Ranger 70/30

Heidenau K-60 Ranger

The first thousand miles, an honest review.

AGGRESSIVE for an Adventure tire. Would be great with a fresh set before any BDR, TAT or the other Adventure routes that are popping up across the country, but do expect to swap them out not too much longer after completing the route.

Running from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia might take a few sets. Up and back to Tuktyakatuk might take 1 set depending how much pavement is on your way.

It’s advertised as 70% off road 30% on road and I would agree with that. I’m hoping to get the span of an oil change out of them of 4K-5k miles. So far so good!

I made it across the damp pavement of “The Dragon” US 129 on the Tennessee /North Carolina border and it’s 318 curves in 11 miles. That was asking all of that 30% on-road traction though. You could feel the “give” of the rubber tread in the corners if pushed too hard.

Deep gravel was a challenge in the Cherokee National Forest on the Tennessee\ North Carolina border but not for the tire, more for the technique and skill for the rider🥴 I only went down once.. Johnny Giles was with me to help get back upright. Thanks!

They are a softer compound tire then the K-60 Scouts I’ve run on the Super Tenere for over 90,000 miles. These Rangers are more suited for softer and or deeper terrain. I hope to get to some soft stuff over the life of these tires and not just burn them up on the pavement.

I’m heading to the swamps of Louisiana next month so I’m sure there will be some nasty muddy levees down there that will give them a good test.

More to follow! Stay tuned……

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