Louisiana, 1 parish at a time.

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to about spending the winter months back in  my home state of Louisiana was to get out and explore the state I didn’t really know. In only a couple weeks, I’ve passed through over 50 of the 64 parishes in Louisiana.  Only a few more to “geaux” 😉.  I’ll get back to the last few after Christmas.

The 6 corners/ 64 parish ride started when I got to share a few miles with another Super Tenere owner Richard Stahl down to Rutherford beach and Cameron one day. Thanks Richard for joining me ! Then a few days later, I loaded up the bike on the van and headed out to bag a few parishes on the list.  Made it to Joint Reserve Base New Orleans at Belle Chase for the night before heading to “the end of the world” in Venice La. , they were right… couldn’t go any farther.  I then headed up to just outside Monroe to meet and hang out with RV queen Charlotte Holland. She is a contact I made through Facebook group for RVing. She was kind enough to let me park in her driveway for a few days while I did a few loops around the Northeast corner of the state. One day I was on the bike and the other she rode with me. She was an excellent navigator! Thanks Charlotte!






Thank you Colorado friends!

A huge THANK YOU needs to be sent out to all the friends that I’ve made in Colorado!  I had such a great time in the 3 and a half months riding around Central Colorado. Putting 5000 miles on the Tenere was proof! 

First off is Stacey Schooley , her fiancé Michael Jenkinson and family for hosting me in their basement the entire time.  thanks a bunch❤️! Randy & Donna Sprouse(Stacey’s parents) helped too! The new friends I made Tirza🌹, Pete West (blinkys mountain riders), Tana & Brady Allen🤘,  fellow Tenere rider Alan Humes, GS riders David Lux, Rachelle McMillan, Lee & Bex Becker, David Craig’s, Magnus, Cole and his crew and finally George Furko of the Northern Colorado Adventure riders. 

I know I’ll be back next year!


Blinky’s Mountain Riders

Today was one of the reasons I’m on this journey. When I showed up here in Colorado, I reached out to riders in the area on social media and it didn’t take long for Pete West at “Blinky’s Mountain Riders” to invite me on a day ride. We met at Pete’s house in between morning showers and was greeted with waffles and coffee  by his lovely wife Lisa. Already there was George on Woodys old GS, Tana also on a BMW and Brady on his KTM. It’s such a small community because George hosted me on my 2016 four corners trip the day before “Woody Stock” at Woodys wheel works . Tana and Brady were at Woodys that day also!  Not much longer at Pete’s we were joined by the rest of the gang: Kevin on an Indian, Leon on a Suzuki, Triston on a GS, Ken on a Goldwing, Mike on a KTM and Jeff on a Can Am. It’s so refreshing to ride with so many different kind of bikes!

We headed north up to the Glen Echo  resort/campground on Poudre Canyon Rd. It’s north of the Rocky Mountain National Park. One rest stop was planned on the way in Masonville. There is a cool old Mercantile with a little mini old west town across the street.


The scenery was amazing! It was tough trying to keep up with George in the lead to stop and get pics, but my mouth was open most of the way in awe of the beauty!

A great lunch in Glen Echo, then George and a couple of the Adventure guys headed north on the fire roads into Wyoming while the rest of us stuck to the pavement to just about retrace our route south. I peeled off before the road gang made it to Golden Colorado for dinner.

I did however stop for a pic in Colorado’s cleanest town 😉


Thank you Pete and your gang for letting me join y’all!

What a trip its been so far!

This is a close representation of the route I’ve taken so far, and only about 200 miles of that was freeway!


I have a ton of pictures to upload which are here in the slide show


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It all started with a send off from the PNWSTOG at Sherlys Tippy Canoe then I headed south to Eugene via Silver Falls State park. It was great meeting Drea, Jason and West from the group in Eugene!  Then on to one of my favorite places, Summer Lake Hot Springs, It was a little hot but I just couldn’t pass up a sunset and sunrise from the hot spring.  I had my first boondocking experience outside Lee Vining just off US 395, it was great!


I stayed with Sherry Weiss down in Banning for another few days while my custom hitch carrier was being built at Joe Hauler just north of San Diego. Joe did a wonderful job building the extra heavy duty carrier for my Tenere.


Sherry was able to be my tour guide around the Saltan Sea, Salvation Mountain, Slab City and the sculptures in Borrego Springs. It was a great day! Thank you Sherry! She also helped me place a cross at the place our friend from the PNWSTOG Murray Newton was killed at last October.Murray was heading up Big Bear and then Vegas for his 50th birthday. Murray will be missed.


Parts of Route 66, the Grand Canyon, 4 Corners park and Durango Colorado were my next stops on my way. The landscape of Colorado quickly changed from desert to mountains pretty quickly.

I’m currently outside Denver for the next 4-5 weeks while the van interior is being built into a class B RV/motorcycle hauler by Cole Ford at Cavevan.

Here are even more pics…..



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Everything is falling into place!

I figured it’s time for an update with what’s happened these last few weeks. The van project went on the back burner while I worked to get my house ready to go on the market. My buddies Chis, Dan and Elsa helped me paint the interior while I painted the pump room and all the trim around the house. I improved the front sidewalk up to the house, put in a fire ring and made 5 runs to the dump with my motorcycle trailer and the Subaru. Elsa also had her “Escape hatch” moved closer to her house in Arlington. It’s at the Lake Bronson Nudist Park up in Sultan Wa.

The house went on sale June 1st and within 47 hours,  I was under contract with an offer for more then I was asking….. how fortuitous! 😉 a HUGE THANK YOU to my friend (PNW Tenere North leader) Christopher Dantzscher and Coldwell Banker Bain agent for the great work. The house is set to close 9 July!

Last weekend was Emily’s Senior Prom.  Emily and her boyfriend Zane had a great time! Don’t you think she looked fabulous!?! She is so looking forward to graduating next week and starting Western Washington University up in Bellingham this fall.

Oh yeah,…  As of Wednesday, I’m officially RETIRED!  After retiring from the USAF in 2011, I made a promise to my daughters that I’d stay close until Emily was out of High School.  Well….. That time has come! It was pretty easy walking away from my contracting position on JBLM,  but I will miss a few of the people and driving all the big toys.

These last few days I’ve made a lot of progress on the van.  First was applying “Hushmat”, it’s a premium grade insulation and sound deadening layer directly to the inside body metal.  At $350 for 78 sq/ft, I’ll need at least 150 -200 sq/ft to get the job done, but I’m assured that this base layer will make the inside very comfortable no matter the weather outside. It’s “the good stuff”

The flooring was next. 1/4” foil wrapped styrofoam insulation, 1/4” plywood and 3/8” rubber gym matting sandwiched together. Thinking about the weight of the bike on the foam, I swapped out that section of underpayment with strips of the rubber flooring. That should support it weight just fine. I’m also ok with not being able to cut a straight line along the walls because Cole will be building walls and furniture to hid the uneven cuts 😉

Yesterday my second shippment of Hushmat showed up as well as my Engle 40 liter Dual Voltage Refrigerator/ Freezer. I’ve only heard great things about the Engle brand of fridges. The 4×4/ Overland community swear by them for their durability and long life.  Can’t complain with that!  I also received my Kodiak lithium power supply  from Energy a few days ago. It’s a “all in one, plug and play” power generator. 1100 Watts / 3000 Watts surge , inverter and able to be charged from Solar, AC or DC. Until I get the 100 watt solar panel hooked up, I’ll be charging it off the house battery & inverter that’s built into the van.

I’m so greatful that everything has fallen into place from plans that started way back in 2006.  I didn’t know then what the future was to hold but that the summer of 2018 was going to be one of change and adventure.

Thank you for following my journey! There is MUCH MORE in store soon…. real soon!  😉