Oregon’s Coastal range


I hung out with Ronald Kelm the last couple days at his place in the town of Drain to ride the coastal mountain range of southwest Oregon. We were scouting locations for a spot to host next years Rendezvous, I many have found it😏!  There is so much area to go and ride! In the two days we logged about 450  miles and didn’t get through 1/2 of it! Most of the area is twisty, one or two lane  paved forest roads (of various conditions )  with lots of gravel logging or fire roads that cut across the ridge lines. I’m sure there is single track stuff for the riders that want to challenge themselves. There is also plenty of sand dunes along the coast for the riders that want to spend a day digging out a Super Tenere 😜   Another good thing is there aren’t many locked gates so most of the area is accessible🙌

I’ll set plans for the rendezvous in motion around the first of the year for a late May or early June 2020 timeframe. For now enjoy the pics!


What a year!

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 4.09.17 PM

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I locked the door and walked away from my house in Roy! There are so many people I want to thank for making this past year one of the best in my life! I hope I get them all 😉 Elsa Svensson, Chris Dantzschier
Portland Tenere send off crew, Stacey Griffith, Sherry Weiss, Stacey & Michael Jenkinson, Donna & Randy Sprouse, Gwenn Malham, Tana & Brady Todd/Allen, Alan Humes, Tirza Deflinger, Cole Ford, Pat Covington, Jaxon Fyffe, Bobbie Comeaux(Mom), Kris & Jon Martin, John Mustian, Staci Montgomery, Charlotte Holland, Jesse & Kelly Bailey, David & Lori Salisbury, Ninke & Nikita Westra/Whalen, Huckleberry & Hester Starns, Rakesh Rao, Glenn Carter, Sarah & Jimmy Comeaux/Johnson, Doris Randell, Jen Meaux, Steve Frazee, Alex Martens, JoJo & Russ Gout, Rick Wyllis, Eddie & Sandra Lopez, Joe Desrosiers, Marsha Hall, Steve & Patty Loster, Pete & Lisa West, Seth Laam, and last but not least….Woodie & Meredith Krugel.

I don’t have pictures of everyone but I’ll post the ones I do have and add their names to their picture.






Overland Expo 2019 10th anniversary

WOW! Is the only I can explain it! The venue in Flagstaff Az. was huge, it just kept on going… Everything outdoor related with Overland travel. Bikes, jeeps, Earth Roamers, even a Tesla😳  I’ll break up the pics by category. Bike and bike related, Van, 4×4, and the “big boys” expedition vehicles.




Expedition vehicles


There was also  WTF…..

Then there are the travelers, because that’s what makes a gathering like this so  special. I met up with old friends and even made some new ones.  Simon and Lisa Thomas,  Sam Manicom, Tiffany Coats, Tim Nortier and Ted Simon all had great presentations about life on the road. They are a huge part of why I do what I do(all be it on a MUCH smaller scale)

The vendors are what make the world go around for us travelers, they get us the gear we need. Pete and Ashley from Mosko Moto, Erik Stephens from Twisted Throttle, Ty from VanWife, Harold from Giant Loop, Jeremy from AltRider were just a few of the hundreds on hand.

I’d totally suggest getting to at least one Overland Expo to see it for the spectacle that it is. There will be another on the east coast in North Carolina in late September or October. This event is getting bigger every year so there will only be more to see next year.

SoCal then back to Denver

Made it back to Colorado for a bit then off to see what the Overland expo is all about. Anyone heading that way? 

I left Joes place in San Diego early last week, headed through Arizona and into New Mexico stopping  a couple nights for some boondocking in the desert. I did the “old 666” (US 191 ) from Clifton to Alpine in the van but will go back on the bike enroute to the Overland in Flagstaff. It’s an amazing road! Also picked up my 4th Airmail Arrow😁

Now I’m cabin sitting for a friend just outside Estes Park.  It’s looking into the RMNP with Elk, deer and the occasional wild turkey walking through the yard almost daily. Rough life 😉☺️ The riding up there is pretty good too! 

I’m getting to hang out with all the friends I made last summer. Tana& Brady (Tana is training for the GS Giants women’s team) Pete with his “Blinkys mountain riders” ,Tirza and Stacey with her new husband Michael and family. It’s so good to stay in touch with friends!🤘🤘

If you haven’t got your tickets for the Overland expo yet, they are going fast and always sell out before the event. You can look for my big blue van or if yo see a gnome in a kilt😊Stop by to say hi. Here is the link https://www.overlandexpo.com/tickets-west


Oh yeh, the map is my route from  June 2018 to Easter Sunday , over 20,000 on the van and about 8000 on the bike. 


Rescue mission

My plans took a turn this past week, but it’s all good.
I got a call from Sherry that she was broke down in eastern Arizona while on an Ironbutt practice ride. I had been staying with old Air Force friends in El Paso so I headed north to help out my former host.( last June Sherry hosted me as I passed through SoCal) We got her bike towed to her mechanic outside of Laughlin Nv. where they fixed the bike (it was bad gas) and welded on a trailer hitch to “Belle”

On the way back to Sherry’s  house we met up with Shawn and Adele from shawncowles.com as they made their way from Key West to Ushuaia Argentina on DRZ 400’s. All packed up with Mosko Moto luggage. It’s great to see travelers doing what they love!

Yesterday we loaded up her pup Blondie for a day ride through the mountains and desert. It turned out to be a 200+ mile day because of washed out roads up in Idlewild. We made our way through the crowds in Joshua Tree NM for a late lunch in 29 Palms and a very windy ride back down the hill to Sherry’s house in Banning.

It’s very freeing to change plans on the fly. Something I’ve had trouble with in the past being in logistics where you had to be at a certain place and a set time. Meeting up with friends and making new ones is a great thing if you can give up a bit of control sometimes and just let it happen ❤️