Off-road across Arkansas!

Welcome to 2023 with new adventures!
I’ll be using the maps at this link —>> The Arkansas DOT <<— and an “Atlas & Gazetteer” to plan unpaved/off-road/ backroads county maintained routes around the state. The goal is to ride a dirt road in all 75 counties, hopefully travers the county off-road!🤞 Follow or join me as I make my way around the beautiful state of Arkansas! 

 I’ve already done a fair amount of traveling on the Yamaha Tenere 700 off-road across Arkansas since March of 2021, when I first rediscovered the state after being away almost 30 years. (I had “PCS’d”  from Little Rock AFB Arkansas to Travis AFB California back in 1993)  So here is a map and list of the counties I’ve covered already and will be focusing on filing in the rest this spring. 

Searcy,Van Buren,Stone, Clerborne, Izard, Baxter, Pope, Newton, Johnson, Franklin, Hempstead, Lafayette, Columbia, Nevada, White, Faulkner, Conway, Perry, Saline

My plan is to find friends and contacts with driveway space or State park campgrounds in various parts of the state to park the van and camp while I spend a few days doing “Clover leaf” loops back to the van at night, about a tank of gas in the T-7 should be enough riding for each day.

 The Tenere 700 has a set of the newly released Heidenau Ranger 70% off-road /30% on road  tires with only a thousand miles or so on them and plan to test them out as I make my way around the state.  I’ll also be trying out the newly designed(this is actually the Prototype) Adjustable side stand from AltRider.  There will be updates on how these products work for me as I test them out so stay tuned!