Ride to empty #2 w/Camel Tank (for Texas BBQ)

Yesterday I took off to meet up with Richard in Ragley La. on my way to get some BBQ is Jasper Tx. It was a chilly day, never breaking 60F. Burrrrr

I was able to make it 292 miles(469km) with the 5.5 gallons/20.8 L of regular unleaded 87 octane in the main tank and  #CamelADV Camel tank bolted on.  That’s about 20 more miles then my first attempt a few weeks ago. The differences between attempts were the octane of the fuel and average speed. I kept an average speed of about 55-60 (88-96 kph) keeping the ECO light on as I shifted through the gears.  With both the main and Camel tank full, the gauge will read full for a very long time. Yesterday it went like this. FULL to 140 miles (225km)then approximately every 15-17 miles a bar would go out. At the 228 mile (366km)mark, the last bar started blinking and it blinked for 64 miles (102km) when I ran out of gas. It was an actual 53MPG. I had a 1 gallon roto pax fuel can strapped to the seat to get me to the next gas station, which was only around the corner. As I’ve stated before, YOUR MILAGE WILL VARY! There were only small differences that got me 20 more miles but I’m glad I have the Camel tank so thanks Cory Hanson for another well thought out product from Camel ADV🙌

Oh and I almost forgot, I rolled 9000 miles (14,440 km) as I crossed back into Louisiana on my way back from lunch. Not bad since pulling it out of the crate in June. 😁