Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB Delaware

One of my few non motorcycle involved posts…..

The AMC museum at Dover AFB is a great to spend a couple hours when you are in the area. A good place, especially for a retired Aerial Porter after spending 22 years loading, unloading and servicing these aircraft. The big 3 here I  mainly worked were the C-5, C-141 and C130. Lots of memories were brought on by the smell of the inside, as each model has it s own unique “fragrance”. Though each model smells differently from the other, hard to explain I guess.

The C-5 “Galaxy”

The C-141 A and B model “ Starlifter”

The C-130 “Hercules”

There are lots of memories with this simple block of concrete, it was loaded inside airplanes as ballast to simulate heavy cargo for crew training. Each platform  weighed 7000lbs to 9000lbs. When I was a young airman, it was my job to put on and take off these heavy platforms .


The rest of the aircraft on display have been used by the USAF at various points in its history to move people and cargo around the world.

The museum is free and open to the public, you don’t even have to get access to the base. Lots of history there to    see if you are in the area.

New York Catskills and NE Pennsylvania


This trip to get here to see the fall colors has been so beautiful! I’m so glad I drove across the country to see this! I spent a couple days in the Catskills and NE Pennsylvania riding through the colors. So much more time could have been spent in both of those areas! The weather was perfect, cool sunny days and chilly nights.

Enjoy the pics😁

The Catskills of New York


The Northeast corner of Pennsylvania and Lake Como.

Lunch with the ADV Grrl

558C4308-00E1-4DEA-AF81-536ED03BEC9ALast week, I hopped on a ferry out to Long Island NY from New London Conn. to visit a fellow ADV traveler and blogger Leslie Saforelli.  Sadly she’s retired from the ADV life due to medical issues but after spending some time with her that day, the fire is still there!

Three years ago, she was kind enough to host me as I passed through the Northeast after exchanging messages about our various adventures. I had followed her very popular blog here ADVGrrl

I wish her well and hope she overcomes the issues keeping her off two wheels 🌹

Fall colors and friends in the Northeast

2E8007A8-B3D4-463B-8272-02D1C8E74832I’ve been able to stick to my route to see the colors turn  this fall. It has been really spectacular!
It started in eastern Ohio with Steph and Mike in Columbus, there I was lucky to attend the AIMExpo to see friends in the motorcycle industry. Thanks Erik from Twisted Throttle for the pass!  Meeting Long haul Paulwas a highlight as was seeing John again from Heidenau USA. (Really looking forward to those Scout II’s!)


I made my way east to ride with Mark in Parkersburg WV who is an old AF riding buddy. He showed me his favorite curves in Eastern Ohio (555) and WV. Those were some great roads, the covered bridges and HUGE “Musky” bucket were a nice surprise to roll up on.  Getting me hooked up with Bob Wark at the Warkshop for those nights was very kind.  THANKS!


Continuing Northeast through West Virginia and into Pennsylvania, I had to stop at the Flight 93 memorial. I had come within 3 miles of it back in 2016 but there wasn’t enough time in my day to make it. I promised myself I’d get back.  Quite a somber place, we need not to forget what happened that day.


That night was at my second “Harvest Host” stay. I gotta say sipping wine looking over the Starr Hill Winery was quite lovely ☺️


Passing through Pennsylvania and into New York is where I started to see the colors change,  just a hint of what was to come! I stayed with my old boss Glenn and his wife Donna Owen then went into New York the next day. That morning I had breakfast with a friend from the Internet, Ms Jennifer Steele who’s following my journey and is ready for her own adventures as soon as possible. GOOD LUCK JEN!


The next few nights was with Gary and Susie Rankins in Upstate New York. Gary is a PNWSTOG member that stationed out here for a few years finishing out his enlistment and looking forward to retirement soon(and warmer weather). He’s recovering from shoulder surgery from a Hare scramble crash on the DRZ earlier this summer, so we hopped in the truck to go see some of the sights. I was blown away at the beauty in his area!

After multiple trips through the Adirondacks, I had never seen any chairs🙄 well, I finally found some!


Making my way east into  Vermont and New Hampshire , the more beautiful it got. 😍😍

My goal was to make it to New Hampshire and ride Mt Washington before it got too cold.  I picked a beautiful sunny day but the gate keeper said they had frost up on the gravel section and weren’t allowing motorcycles. My van was also too tall so I wasn’t making it up this trip. 😔 I did however, set my GPS to “walking”  for a route less traveled and was not disappointed!  Finding Jefferson Notch on about 10 miles of dirt road and it being the highest through road in New Hampshire was a nice surprise! Returning back to the parking lot at Mt Washington I was “greeted”🙄😳 by more than a mile back up on the highway to go up the mountain.

I packed up my bike and being so close to Maine, I couldn’t resist passing through to get to my next night back in Southern New Hampshire with Super Tenere owner Kate Murphy. Kate took me for a nice little ride into northern Massachusetts.  She’s also a contributing writer for RideApart, its an online motorcycle blog/magazine with a very large following. ( see my previous post for the link😉😁) THANKS KATE!

Other then not making it up Mt Washington, it’s been an amazing trip so far! The old and new friends I’ve seen plus the fall colors sure make this life so enjoyable!

Heading east for the fall colors


I’m back on the road, heading east to see the fall colors in New England.  First stop was Lance and Ellen Gines of  Into the horizon ADV motorcycle rentals in Boise Idaho. They were kind enough to let me park the Yamahauler overnight as Lance was getting ready to do a Idaho Backroads Discovery Route tour the next day with half a dozen riders.


From Boise, I headed to see a few old Air Force buddies in Salt Lake City, stopping at the Bonneyville Salt Flats on the way. They were racing out there so I didn’t gat as far onto the salt as I wanted but it’s still a very cool place!


Making my way east through Wyoming, the van needed an oil change, during the service it was noted that the rear brake pads only had 3mm left and needed to be changed. The parts were at least 3 days out so I asked if I was good for a thousand more miles , they said yes so I made an appointment at my buddy Dons favorite Ford dealer in The Upper Peninsula of Michigan as I’d be there in a couple more days.

I had lots of scenic views across Wyoming and into Black Hills of South Dakota, here are just a few.


I pulled into a National Forest campground between the Crazy Horse Monument and Mt Rushmore for the night, just after a storm had blown through, I didn’t get great shots of Crazy Horse in the clouds and rain but the next morning I was up before the sunrise to watch it come up on the presidents. Spectacular is all I can say!


That rain storm from the previous day had dumped a lot of rain and even a couple tornados in other parts of South Dakota because it took me 3 extra hours to reach Sioux Falls 🙄

Harvest Host is a website on the Internet that gets you access to over 800 breweries, wineries, museums and family farms around the country . They will let you park (boondock) on their property for free on their property, they just ask to buy something and report on their experience. My first night using them was an “Art Park” just outside Sioux Falls. Interesting is a good word to use.. enjoy the pics.


After Sioux Falls I drove across the most northern state highway in Iowa (highway 9) and saw lot s of Corn 🌽 that’s  all I have to say about Iowa 😜  However crossing the Mississippi River Into Wisconsin, I was greeted to beautiful rolling hills dotted with small family farms, Amish men on horse and buggies and cheese curds ☺️


That night was with Chad Berger and his girlfriend Melanie. Chad is the designer of the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail.  It’s a mostly off-road route across the state , north to south. I MUST make time to get back there and do it! It looks amazing!


A big thank you goes out to Dan Scott and his girlfriend Becky Howlett in Black Earth Wisconsin for holding onto my sunglasses I had left there in 2016 as I passed through on my 48 state ride. I worked with Dan back in Washington many years ago. So awesome to keep in touch with old coworkers!

I then headed to “yooper” country in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Don and Kristy Jaeger we kind enough to let me park “down by the river” a mile upstream from Lake Michigan. Deer, turkeys, woodpeckers and even a couple bald eagles stoped by to say hi.


It had been long enough off the bike that I needed to go for a ride. So I headed out for a loop around the UP. It was a 300ish mile day. The highlights were The Edmond Fitzgerald memorial at the Whitefish point light house and H58 along the Lake through Picture Rocks state park. I even found about 10 miles of dirt road 🙌


These are the maps/routes for my next month on the road. I should be right on time to see the fall colors in New England in the coming weeks. I’ll be posting more pics of my travels to my #Tenereacrosstheusa Facebook page. Please follow along with me there.


Summer in the Pacific Northwest❤️

Wow, what a summer it’s been!

Here is a map of “most” of my summer travels. A few glitches in the In-Reach (and me forgetting to turn it on🙄) missed at least 1k-2k miles of travel. Still quite impressive, don’t you think? 🙌


Kicking off the summer was the big Tenere weekend in Nor Cal then the Giant Loop rally at Crystal Crane.  I made my way back into Washington to hang out with my daughters and the use of Elsa’s basement as my summer “home base”. 


I soon returned to Oregon to ride the Coastal Range with Ron Kelm to scout out a weekend ride for next summer. Such beautiful roads out there!


That weekend rolled into meeting my good friend Sherry who was on her first “mostly” solo 1 month ride across 6 western states. I say “mostly” because she travels with Blondie her lab and also meets up with other riders along the way to ride/camp with…. sounds familiar? 🤔☺️😁 After I showed her through Oregon and into Idaho, she went to Montana for almost a week then returned to California via the Pacific coast. Much cooler weather for Blondie.


I got to hang out at Elsas cabin on Lake Bronson in Sultan, it’s a great place to unwind and relax. I also stayed at a few other AANR parks in the Northwest.  For some it would be a step out of their comfort zone but so is adventure riding, isn’t it?


I finished up the summer with two weekends of riding with the PNWSTOG through the Cascade Mountains of Washington. One weekend was 6 passes in the middle of the state, the other was farther south near the Columbia river.  Both offer spectacular riding and even more magnificent views. It was so good to ride with the group I helped start. Thanks Chris Dantzischer and Kevin Russell for keeping it going!


There are so many people I need to say thanks to for letting me be a “driveway vagrant” 🙏🙌🙏 Woodie Krugel, Elsa,Anji & Glen Pettit, Jen Livingood, Tad Haas & Galia Gutierrez , Joe Benjamin, Ron Kelm, Bridget Hayes, Scott Lindley and Tom Poenitch.

Y’all helped make my summer a success! THANK YOU!

I’ll leave you with a ton more pictures in random order from the summer. The Pacific Northwest is such a wonderful place! I’ve called it home for about 22 years now, longer, in fact then I’ve even lived in Louisiana. I’ll always come back here, at least for the summers!