Road trip!

Had a great 12 day road trip throughout the south! Visiting old friends and new as I made my way through Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee,Alabama, Mississippi and a little bit of Texas. The hike to the highest point in Louisiana was treacherous 🙄😳 but the best was the music recording studio in Muscle Shoals Alabama, so much history was made in that little room!


Another 1990 750cc Super Tenere in the USA!

A few days ago, I passed through Canton Mississippi  to meet up with Ninke Westra. He owns one of the very few early model Yamaha Super Teneres that were never imported into the US. It’s a 1990 750cc Super Tenere.  He’s a native from The Netherlands that brought it over  recently when he and his American wife Nikki moved back into her hometown. Because the bike is more that 25 years old, it’s a lot easier to get the required import documents . He said though, it was still a few hour process to get the plates from the Mississippi Dept of Motor  Vehicles. It looks like I’ll be back in Mississippi when the bike is out of the shop for the throttle recall.   This would be the second 1990 750 Super Tenere I’ve gotten to ride with😏




Louisiana, 1 parish at a time.

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to about spending the winter months back in  my home state of Louisiana was to get out and explore the state I didn’t really know. In only a couple weeks, I’ve passed through over 50 of the 64 parishes in Louisiana.  Only a few more to “geaux” 😉.  I’ll get back to the last few after Christmas.

The 6 corners/ 64 parish ride started when I got to share a few miles with another Super Tenere owner Richard Stahl down to Rutherford beach and Cameron one day. Thanks Richard for joining me ! Then a few days later, I loaded up the bike on the van and headed out to bag a few parishes on the list.  Made it to Joint Reserve Base New Orleans at Belle Chase for the night before heading to “the end of the world” in Venice La. , they were right… couldn’t go any farther.  I then headed up to just outside Monroe to meet and hang out with RV queen Charlotte Holland. She is a contact I made through Facebook group for RVing. She was kind enough to let me park in her driveway for a few days while I did a few loops around the Northeast corner of the state. One day I was on the bike and the other she rode with me. She was an excellent navigator! Thanks Charlotte!






Thank you Colorado friends!

A huge THANK YOU needs to be sent out to all the friends that I’ve made in Colorado!  I had such a great time in the 3 and a half months riding around Central Colorado. Putting 5000 miles on the Tenere was proof! 

First off is Stacey Schooley , her fiancé Michael Jenkinson and family for hosting me in their basement the entire time.  thanks a bunch❤️! Randy & Donna Sprouse(Stacey’s parents) helped too! The new friends I made Tirza🌹, Pete West (blinkys mountain riders), Tana & Brady Allen🤘,  fellow Tenere rider Alan Humes, GS riders David Lux, Rachelle McMillan, Lee & Bex Becker, David Craig’s, Magnus, Cole and his crew and finally George Furko of the Northern Colorado Adventure riders. 

I know I’ll be back next year!