This ain’t Texas?

I took a few days riding across Texas after picking up my bike in Austin from Alex at Konflict suspension for a LOOOONG overdue service on the Touratech Shock. Thanks for squeezing me in before your trip to the Sonoran Rally.



Stopping at the Fort Davis Mountains State Park for 3 nights I was pleasantly surprised that I qualify for a Texas State Park Veterans Pass that got my entire reservation reimbursed. THANK YOU TEXAS! 

0AA46119-E91A-49E9-95C1-E3AAC7641A05Camp is an easy set up in the Yamahauler, just unload the bike and put the screen in the window for added ventilation, that’s pretty much it. 


My first riding day started a few min before sunrise on top of the lookout in the park, I rolled up with 1 min before sunrise and was greeted to a spectacular view! 


First stop was gas in the town of Ft Davis then south to the Mexican border town of Presidio Texas (about 80 miles). From there, the highway follows the Rio Grand River into the Big Bend NP almost 100 miles away. The views were not what I was expecting! It reminded me of Utah, Arizona or Southern California but definitely not Texas ! There was talk of a “super bloom” of bluebonnets  but sadly I didn’t see much more then along the sides of the road.. The outstanding views I rode through more than made up for it though.   By the time I made it back to camp, I had just over 300 miles, a respectable day in the saddle. 


Day two of riding started slower, it was about a 80’ish mile loop out to the Observatory high atop the Ft Davis Mountains and then back to town another way. Passing a family of Javelina along the way.  Lunch was back in the park at the Indian lodge’s Black bear diner. Good food at a bargain.  I stopped at the Ft Davis National monument in town, it’s the historic sight of the original fort. One of my Air Force  buddy’s helped restore a few of the artifacts. It was very well done. The fort was mainly manned by the “Buffalo Soldiers “ so lots of history there.


Having traversed Texas several times North-South and East-West, I had never seen anything that looks like the areas I rode through in those 3 days, everyone needs to spend some time down there. It’s trualy amazing!


Meerkat media

Tana and Brady have re-vamped their You Tube page ( formally Colorado ADVlogs) as they get ready for Tana’s shot to qualify for the GS Trophy international women’s team. They  also have a Go fund me page  to help raise some funds. Tana and Brady both have an adventurous spirit with  hearts of gold that are living the ADV life whenever and wherever they can. They  hosted me last summer before I went ride across Utah.  Like, share and donate if you can!









Longhaul Paul Super Tenere #1

At the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham Alabama is Long Haul Paul Pellands 1st Super Tenere. It has 170,000+ miles as he chased a cure for his Multaple Sclorsis. Check out his website here

Paul has since put 130,000+ on Tenere #2 and last fall Yamaha gave him a new Star Venture that he’s tearing up the miles on.  He has more than 300,000 miles by now toward the 1 Million mile goal he’s set for himself. GEAUX PAUL GEAUX!!!!



I’m at  BAMF MOTO in Portland and gotta say this is one of the coolest motorcycle shops I’ve ever been in! Jim E. James is a great guy to work with for the best deal in town! He’s the guy that got my very hard  to get ahold of Aria XD4 sand colored Flare Helmet.

17165bf5-dd73-41ea-b944-98a71f3f67ceJames was able to grab one right off the container from Japan. He can get pretty much anything. (except Klim)  James is also a custom leather designer that hand stitches all his creations, something he learned from his father.  When you are in Portland,  the shop is right off Hawthorn and 20th. If not,  give him a call at 1-888-302-9620 and he can usually drop ship whatever you need from wherever you are at. (He delivered that helmet to me while I was in Denver waiting for my van to be built.) thank you James for the great deal and personal service!



Road trip!

Had a great 12 day road trip throughout the south! Visiting old friends and new as I made my way through Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee,Alabama, Mississippi and a little bit of Texas. The hike to the highest point in Louisiana was treacherous 🙄😳 but the best was the music recording studio in Muscle Shoals Alabama, so much history was made in that little room!


Another 1990 750cc Super Tenere in the USA!

A few days ago, I passed through Canton Mississippi  to meet up with Ninke Westra. He owns one of the very few early model Yamaha Super Teneres that were never imported into the US. It’s a 1990 750cc Super Tenere.  He’s a native from The Netherlands that brought it over  recently when he and his American wife Nikki moved back into her hometown. Because the bike is more that 25 years old, it’s a lot easier to get the required import documents . He said though, it was still a few hour process to get the plates from the Mississippi Dept of Motor  Vehicles. It looks like I’ll be back in Mississippi when the bike is out of the shop for the throttle recall.   This would be the second 1990 750 Super Tenere I’ve gotten to ride with😏