Day 1 “shakedown” ride

Good evening y’all. I had a awesome 1st day on the road today. The bike is running great (thanks to Jeff Haar) and my luggage configuration is working. It is a little heavy for technical off road but will handle most rough gravel road with ease. I was able to do two sections of gravel roads today. Brooklyn Rd has always been a favorite with the group. “T” Glen even got to check out the the weather station there. image

The second was King Road between the area known as Curtis and Winlock. It has 5 mph gravel twisties ;-)! The Tenere handled them both superbly!


My main goal today was to get to Hoquiam Wa., the home of LD Comfort. It’s in the towns old indoor community pool that has been filled in. I was lucky enough to meet the owner and inventor Mario Winkelman. He took time out of its production to describe in detail how his product works. After the day I had riding, it works as advertised! I even got a chill in the 80 degree heat!

One of  the PNWSTOG members, Gerald Massey is an Iron Butt rider and fan of the base layers, click here to  read his words about the product.


Here is a screen shot of the route today. The miles logged were about 220 and I was able to do it on 4.5 gallons of gas, 48 mpg isn’t bad fully loaded and hitting the twisties hard. I know I was able to wear down the corners of the tires a bit 😉


Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting up with a few PNWSTOG members for a ride from Kelso through Cougar,Trout Lake,Gleenwood,Goldendale, Yakima and Ellensberg.

Thanks for following me!


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It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

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