Scooting around the Bay Area

I had such a great last couple days scooting around the Bay Area . It started Sunday with a ride on a race tuned YZ 450 on the Sacramento River delta. Thankfully the roads were flat and in straight lines because that’s more dirt bike then I’ll ever be able to handle 😉

The fun continued on Monday  with a very nolstogic ride up to Lake Berryassa with my old friend Matt Thomas. We served and rode together 20 years ago while stationed at Travis AFB. Matt is about to retire after 24 years of service.THANK YOU for your service and friendship.

Lunch was in Rio Vista care of Kurt Friedrich from a go fund me donation. Thanks for the tacos!

Then I rode down to Tracy Ca. to meet up with the founder of the Super Tenere USA Facebook page, Murray Newton. While his Tenere is getting a complete Ohlins custom suspension, he let me ride his brand new Yamaha XSR 900. That thing is a kick in the pants! (especially after riding the loaded Tenere around) Light and nimble is an understatement. We met up with Don Nordstrom in Modesto for BBQ, Don is also a PNWSTOG member that rode with us to the Horizions Unlimited meeting a few years back.

Today I’ll be taking the road less traveled up to the Link observatory as I skirt my way around the south end of the Bay Area to have lunch at the Iconic “Alice’s Restruant” where I hear I can get anything I want 😉

Author: PNWTenere

It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

One thought on “Scooting around the Bay Area”

  1. Caught your ride from a FB posting. I see familiar face in Matt Thomas, my nephew. Didn’t know he was into ADV bikes. If you get up through western Montana, I’d be happy to help herd you along on some interesting routes.

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