Track day and the road to Mecca then San Diego

My route Friday
My route Friday

I started off Friday morning from Palm Springs and headed east on I-10, it’s the only way to get to the Chuckwalla racetrack in Desert Center Ca.image

I had been invited by the Yamaha corporate office to attend a ” run what you brung” or as they call it, “Get to know your bike day”. The concept was started up in the Northwest by Bill Cameron at Skagit Power Sports and is extremely popular.  The last time it was held in the Northwest, a PNWSTOG member got some track time. Watch as Mike has some fun.

My day at the track wasn’t as wet. In Desert Center Ca, the temps where in the high 90’s by noon and when I got on the bike to head to San Diego, it read 118F!

The Yamaha instructors were very thorough in their explanation of the track rules and they ran us through some drills before heading out there.


The instructors were also doing a great job of keeping us hydrated and they even had lunch brought in!

I had a complete BLAST out on the track! I was encouraged to even leave my panniers on. I didn’t quite get my foot pegs scraped but I did have to tuck my toes in a few times 😉  Aren’t these photos amazing?!?!?!


After leaving the track, I headed to San Diego to meet up with an old supervisor and friend Kevin Logan and his family. The 1st town off I-10 I stopped at was after 20 miles of canyon carving to the town of Mecca Ca. Having served time in Saudi Arabia and stationed 40 miles outside the other “Mecca” I have to say they are eerily similar…… No “infidel bypass” here 😉

image imageimage

After scooting around the west side of the great Salton Sea, I headed west into and over more canyons and eventually climbed to the 4000ft mark before dropping down into San Diego. I’m really enjoying my time here catching up with an old friend. The time off the bike over this long Memorial Day weekend is nice as well. Next week, 1st stop is corner #2 where the Pacific Ocean meets the Mexican border where I hope not to get hauled off by ICE agents.   I’ll then be stopping at Jacumba Hot Springs (less than a mile from the border) and head to Tucson before going north across Arizona, Utah, a quick visit to Vegas, then back north to Salt Lake City. In Idaho, I hope to see the Klim HQ before crossing into Wyoming by mid June.

Thanks to everyone that’s been following me. The Facebook blog has 375 likes!


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