Baking in the Tucson sun

Today I’m in very sunny Tucson (think the fires of Hades ) I went visit my host Steve Loster at his work over at  Dietz Racing.



The owner Dan Dietz showed me around and explained what they do. It’s a parts warehouse for mainly sport bikes but they do get in cruisers and dirt bikes on occasion.  Dan’s team acquires the bikes from auction, consignment or even off craigslist. They will take a bike in just about any condition. The bike is very carefully dismantled, cleaned, catalogued and categorized by year, make and model. If you need a foot peg for an 88 Honda Magna, I know they have at least two.  😉

My host, Steve Loster is a life long rider of just about every style of motorcycle. He is also  an extremely through mechanic that uses great care taking everything apart. His personal tool chest at work is every mechanic’s dream. I know a few in the PNWSTOG that would drool at it’s sight( Jeff)


Another reason for stopping by the shop was to drop off my Mosko Moto Backcountry  40L duffle with my Redverz tent, Big Agnes sleeping pad/bag and the rest of my camping gear in it. I’m shipping it forward to Mom’s in Louisiana as my plans of doing sections of the BDR’s are scaled back because I won’t be going alone in 100+ temps during the day and 80 for the LOW!  It’s Super 8,Motel 6, couch surfing and rustic cabins between here and Wyoming.


Last night Steve helped me chase down the source of the mystery oil weeping on my engine block to a bad seal on my Cam Chain Tensioner’s gasket. At first we thought it might have been a valve cover gasket which he ordered ahead of my arrival but after we got everything apart, it was the CCT.

I’m working on getting parts to Denver in a couple weeks to get it changed out there. My tires are also getting swapped out in Denver at Woody’s Wheel Works. Last night Steve and I did the bikes 1st oil change of the trip, it’s coming up on 5000 miles from the last Tech day we had. I’ll be covering 1600-1800 miles between now and the 12th, so it’s best to get it done now.

This is my tentative route for the next week and a half. I’m still looking for someone to join me for all or parts. If you can, just drop me a line at

June 3-12

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