Salt Lake City and into Wyoming

On my day from Torrey to Salt Lake City, It was nice and cool most of the day until I hit the big valley. Being a few hours till my hosts were off work, I headed back up into the mountains to cool off.  Park City was my destination. It sort of reminds me of Leavenworth Wa. but without the Baverian theme.

I then headed down to go see Nate and Amber. They are frequent hosts to motorcycle trailers. Their 1st was  Mirko and Claudia that are traveling the world to raise money for EBM International, it’s  a missionary organization that build schools, clinics and orphanages.

Nate, Amber and Charlie
Nate, Amber and Charlie

Another person they have hosted frequently is a good friend of the PNWSTOG, John Colyer.  John is a retired Canadian Army veteran that travels the world on his BMW GS.

Me, Chris and John
Me, Chris and John

Nate is a  Super Tenere owner that was one of the 1st to complete the Idaho BDR, his partner Amber is also a beginner adventure rider on her Triumph Tiger.

Nate and Ambers Adventure bikes
Nate and Ambers Adventure bikes

Heading north up along the Logan river valley up to Bear lake was nice, I actually had to turn on the heated grips because of the morning chill.



I made my way into the lower eastern corner of Idaho then into Wyoming. Pulling into Freedom, Wyoming was impressive as you are faced with a mountain range right in your face. Awe inspiring!

Over the next few days, I’ll be catching up with an old friend from High School that now lives in Pinedale Wyoming.  We will be exploring Jackson, the Teton NP and the ranges of western Wyoming.



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One thought on “Salt Lake City and into Wyoming”

  1. Your site is down 😦

    My cousin and his wife also live in Pinedale, WY! John Meister and Kari Goza. They raise hunting dogs.

    There’s a great craft brewery in Pinedale called Wind River.

    The general store at Daniel Junction has gourmet burritos and sandwiches.

    I’m taking the kids up there at the end of July. We were there for Spring Break too. >


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