Two days at Woody’s Wheel works

While in Denver, I had a few things to get done:

1. Get the leaky engine block taken care of Thursday at Tri-cities Cycle(done).

2. Get new tires mounted at Woody’s on Friday

3.  Go back to “Woody stock” on Saturday to meet up with Ron Grace from “Lost For a Reason”, Brad Barker from “The Ride of My Life”,George Furko from the Northern Colorado Adventure riders group and several other Adventure riders from all over the world.

I pulled into Woody’s Friday and they got right to getting my tires swapped out then they found this when they pulled off my rear wheel….. ;-/


Not good to have ball bearings falling out, but if it was to happen anywhere, I’m so glad it was at the best wheel shop in the US. When that’s all you do, you get pretty good at it 😉

It took Mike a couple hours getting everything out, cleaned up and replaced.


While I waited, I watched Jerod lace an ( English)triumph tiger hub with a ( German)Excel rim. No small feat but again, when that’s all you do all day, it doesn’t take long. He then showed off a new KTM wheel he had just finished.


He even took time to take me upstairs to show me a set of Tenere wheels they are trying to sell.  21″ front on a custom extra lite front hub and stock rear hub with blue rims. If you want the price, you’ll have to call Woody but man are they pretty!


I didn’t get out of there till a bit after 4:30 but I was super happy with the level of Customer service I received. Good as new!

On Saturday I went back for the “Woody stock” I followed Brad and George the last few blocks to Woody’s house that’s along the Platte river right behind the shop. The rest of adventure riders were starting to pull in also. Here is a slide show of the jam session that was started while I flipped burgers feeding the crowd. I had a blast meeting riders from Africa, England and all over the US.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

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