Arkansas, great roads and old friends

My time is Arkansas is done and it’s been a blast! image

I got to spend about a week in Arkansas revisiting the roads and friends I made while stationed there and during my time in the Air Force. I had entered the state on the Winding stare case from Okalhoma. A great ride if you can make it. I then headed to my real good friend Jesse Baileys place in Sourhern Arkansas in the town of Waldo. Where’s Waldo, you ask? 😉  It’s not far off the Louisiana border between the town of Hope( home town of Bill Clinton) and Magnolia. It’s very rural where most of the streets are red clay dirt and gravel. Jesse retired last year and lives in the house he grew up in on 250 acres.


I then headed north up through the small town of Delight Arkansas. It’s claim to fame is sit the hometown of singer Glen Campbell. My parents always joked that I was named after him, not sure if it’s a joke or not… Lol


This was my day north.


I stayed the night at “The Hub”   It’s been the site of the National Tenere Rally in 2014 and 2015. The curious thing about The Hub is it’s on the site of “Dogpatch USA”. It was a Theme park in the 60’s and 70’s based on tha comic book Li’ll Abner.  What I will say about the area it has so much excellent riding in the area!

My day south from the Ozarks was to meet Jason Diamond for lunch and ride Ar 341  “Push Mountain Rd”  Jason worked for me when he was fresh out of Basic Training 22 years ago and now he’s retired( yes, it makes me feel old) He lives on 341 and tells me that’s it’s extremely popular with the motorcycle guys. After riding it, I’ll whole heartedly agree!  It had just finished raining and the stream was rising on the road as the humidity climbed. I scared about 5 or 6 wild turkeys off the road, in fact I passed more turkeys than cars on that stretch of super twisty road.

I ended the day in Cabot Arkansas  just outside Little Rock AFB where I stayed with retired CMSgt Dave Salsbury and his wife Lori. Dave and I worked together at LRAFB but now he’s a hard riding Harley rider that doesn’t miss a Sturgis or Daytona rally.


I ended my Arkansas time at the state line town of Junction City before heading into my home state of Louisiana. All I can say now is “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!”

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