A week in my hometown with mom and my girls

We had a great week of family,food and fun. I was nervous about putting my Klim pants back on, but it was ok ;-). I flew in my teenage daughters Emily(16) and Madison(19) to Lafayette for the week to hang out with mom and I. It was one of the agreements we had made for me to take this trip.

The girls and I  have a usual list of places to eat at when they get to moms, Canes chicken, Chris’s Poyboys and Deno’s pizza are at the top. Mom also makes crawfish etoufee and beef brisket.Emily was actively helping and taking notes as mom cooked. It’s good that the traditions are continuing.

It’s also great to hang out with the friends and family when we are home. Katy and Doris invited me over for boiled crabs and later I the week we had a family diner with 25 of our closest cousins at Deno’s for great pizza.

Madi and Emily have taken on the Pokemon go ap and we spend the better part of one day looking for those things, We found out that all of the decorative Pelicans around town are a stop so we went around looking for as many as we can find.


Here is a slide show of the family, food and fun

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Author: PNWTenere

It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

5 thoughts on “A week in my hometown with mom and my girls”

  1. Glade your safe, didn’t see you moving ,Got to enjoy family !! Got to work 7/18 – 7/22 but if you are around Ft Lauderdale or on US 27 over the weekend 7/23 I can catch up to you ! Ride safe, Jeff M


  2. After looking at the map and time frame I bet you”ll be out of FL by next weekend ? I”m a auto mechanic in FT Laud.. if you need anything , Yamaha dealer down the street . Jeff m


  3. Hey Glen ! It was nice to bump into you over at St. Augustine this weekend. Who knew when looking through the gates of the Fountain of Youth that we’d find the real method of staying young !!! Yep, sharing life with other ADV riders will do it. Take care, have fun and if you cruise through the Clearwater, FL area you have a home to rest at.

    Mike & Emma (the Yellow F800GS)


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