Corner # 3, Key West with my love

This weekend, my wife Elsa flew into Key West Florida just as I reached corner number 3 on my journey.  We were able to get a room at the Navy lodge on the Truman Annex of NAS Key West. The cool thing about this place is it’s actually more south than the “Southernmost marker buoy” that all the tourists  get their picture  taken at.  Unbeknownst to us, it was also Ernest Hemmingway’s birthday weekend and the entire Key is awash with look-a-likes for the annual competition. I’ve only had 5 or 6 locals tell me “I thought you were dead” lol.  Elsa even had a little fun photo shopping my face over this years winner. I gotta say there is a resemblance.

Its Elsa’s birthday soon(the big five-zero) and I’ll be somewhere near Maine then so this is her birthday weekend for us on the tropical beach.

I’ll start my journey north tomorrow from mile marker ZERO on US 1  as I head up the east coast to Madawaska Maine by the end of August.

Enjoy the slide show

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Author: PNWTenere

It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

4 thoughts on “Corner # 3, Key West with my love”

  1. So are you going to take the Appalachian route up through Ga, SC, NC, Va, WV, MD, or are you going to take the coastal route?


    1. It’s going to be more of a zig-zag pattern hitting all the states. I want to Ride The Dragon and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I do need to be in central Pennsylvania by Aug 18th though. I’d like to be out of Maine by the end of August.


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