Vanlife is getting closer

Hi everyone!
I’m less then a month away from ordering the van to get the ball rolling on the #vanlife. ( YES, I’m getting excited!!! ) Yesterday I posted on my facebook wall two colors I am going to choose from. I was completely surprised to have 145 comments in less then 24 hours! Thanks for all that commented!
Well, the Blue jean color wins! It has a lot to do with the Yamaha/Yamahauler connection. I still plan on meeting up with other Tenere owners as I travel around for meet ups and rides in the backcountry.  The reason I started all this in the first place.

It will be a 2018 Ford Transit
Body style: LWB-EXT High Roof (R3X)
Engine: 3.5L ecoboost twin Turbo
3.31Limited slip differential
Color: Blue jean
Extras: Heavy Duty alternator, Dual Battery, Back up camera, tow package w/trailer brake control, cruise control, 12v-110 inverter, rear and slider door windows.

The order gets placed next month at Landmark Ford in Portland, then it’s a 12-14 week wait for the delivery.
I’ve been in contact with Cole Ford at Cavevan. Cole is a custom up-fitter in Castle Rock, Colorado. I’ll head that way after my house closes, hopefully before August. I have narrowed down a few key things but leaving most details open as to how they will fit together inside. I’m finding in my research that many vanlifers switch or change their initial design within a year of their build. I’m trying to avoid that.

Sleeping, storage and cooking are among my priorities after the sound proofing, insulation and walls go up. It will have a compact stove,sink(w/hot water), fridge and port-a-potty.



Here are a few of my “Poor mans CAD” (MS excel) with each square equal 6”. I did these up starting in 2016 when I got back from my trip. It’s helped me a bunch even though it’s not to scale.



Since the Tenere 700 is still most of the year away, I’ll start the journey without a bike 😞 My Super Tenere 1200 will go on sale sometime before June, there just won’t be enough room in or on the back for that heavy and large of a bike. That’s another reason to start off simple / minimal, as the info and dimensions of the T-700 become known I can accurately make room for it when it does show up.


While the van is on order, I’ll be getting the house ready to sell. I hope it goes fast because the road is calling……

Author: PNWTenere

It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

2 thoughts on “Vanlife is getting closer”

  1. Seems like things are coming together for you. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for posting your updates. I am a subscriber to your posts, and it sure helps keep the dream alive for the rest of us seeing guys such as yourself make these impressive leaps in life to live.


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