SoCal then back to Denver

Made it back to Colorado for a bit then off to see what the Overland expo is all about. Anyone heading that way? 

I left Joes place in San Diego early last week, headed through Arizona and into New Mexico stopping  a couple nights for some boondocking in the desert. I did the “old 666” (US 191 ) from Clifton to Alpine in the van but will go back on the bike enroute to the Overland in Flagstaff. It’s an amazing road! Also picked up my 4th Airmail Arrow😁

Now I’m cabin sitting for a friend just outside Estes Park.  It’s looking into the RMNP with Elk, deer and the occasional wild turkey walking through the yard almost daily. Rough life 😉☺️ The riding up there is pretty good too! 

I’m getting to hang out with all the friends I made last summer. Tana& Brady (Tana is training for the GS Giants women’s team) Pete with his “Blinkys mountain riders” ,Tirza and Stacey with her new husband Michael and family. It’s so good to stay in touch with friends!🤘🤘

If you haven’t got your tickets for the Overland expo yet, they are going fast and always sell out before the event. You can look for my big blue van or if yo see a gnome in a kilt😊Stop by to say hi. Here is the link


Oh yeh, the map is my route from  June 2018 to Easter Sunday , over 20,000 on the van and about 8000 on the bike. 


Author: PNWTenere

It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

One thought on “SoCal then back to Denver”

  1. Jeff, keep in mind we’re still in Casa Grande, AZ, if you need someone else to visit… We’ll be here until 5/24. Sybil

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