What a year!

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 4.09.17 PM

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I locked the door and walked away from my house in Roy! There are so many people I want to thank for making this past year one of the best in my life! I hope I get them all 😉 Elsa Svensson, Chris Dantzschier
Portland Tenere send off crew, Stacey Griffith, Sherry Weiss, Stacey & Michael Jenkinson, Donna & Randy Sprouse, Gwenn Malham, Tana & Brady Todd/Allen, Alan Humes, Tirza Deflinger, Cole Ford, Pat Covington, Jaxon Fyffe, Bobbie Comeaux(Mom), Kris & Jon Martin, John Mustian, Staci Montgomery, Charlotte Holland, Jesse & Kelly Bailey, David & Lori Salisbury, Ninke & Nikita Westra/Whalen, Huckleberry & Hester Starns, Rakesh Rao, Glenn Carter, Sarah & Jimmy Comeaux/Johnson, Doris Randell, Jen Meaux, Steve Frazee, Alex Martens, JoJo & Russ Gout, Rick Wyllis, Eddie & Sandra Lopez, Joe Desrosiers, Marsha Hall, Steve & Patty Loster, Pete & Lisa West, Seth Laam, and last but not least….Woodie & Meredith Krugel.

I don’t have pictures of everyone but I’ll post the ones I do have and add their names to their picture.






Author: PNWTenere

It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

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