SOLOBOX Motorcycle Luggage


I had a nice ride up to Sedro-Woolley yesterday to meet up with Eric Nolan and his apprentice Asher. Eric is the “one man show” for making the best deal in motorcycle panniers. He is a self taught machinist and dirt bike gearhead that beats just about every other manufacturer on price for a full set of panniers. Yes, his prices are that good! This is his current price list.


Working out of his garage really does keep overhead low😉 He hand builds them from scratch, the only part of the process that’s farmed out is powder coating, but he wants to work toward doing his own soon so stay tuned! 


His main customers are V-Strom and KLR owners but I also know several highly satisfied Canadian PNW Super Tenere Owners that rave about Eric’s luggage.

  Eric’s main marketing is through Social media on Facebook and YouTube, he doesn’t have a website. I’d like to do what I can to help him by getting the word out about his excellent craftsmanship. Send him an email at or call direct 360-840-7139  to order yours today! 

Eric’s apprentice Asher

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