Québécois vanlifers go to Cajun country

I am really loving this life! Last week, Lise Lussier reached out to me on social media, we are both followers of Far Out Ride where I had replied to them that I was  in Louisiana and could suggest things to do as they pass through soon. Lise was also asking me what to do and where to go. My standard list is: Buck and Johnnys Zydeco breakfast every Saturday morning in Breaux Bridge,   Champagnes swamp tours  on Lake Martin, Tour the Tabasco factory on Avery Island, Vermillionville  historic park in Lafayette and sample one of the 5 excellent Boudin shops in Scott and Lafayette Best stop, Don’s specialty meats , Billy’s Boudin , NuNu’s and one of the first to sell Boudin Commercially Johnson’s Boucaniere .For those that don’t know what Boudin is, here is a great short film about it.

Now back to Lise……5BE4AD77-9C50-4727-8C0F-6E04146B1BCC

Ms Lise Lussier is a retired nurse from the Montreal area that is a part time vanlifer who spends winters “down south” in the states staying active and warm.  She took my suggestion to have Zydeco breakfast at Buck and Johnnys for some Saturday morning dancing and a hike around the Lake Martin swamp. On Sunday she met me at Vermillionville for a cochon de lait and tour of the park. It was so nice to spend the day with another traveler with similar goals and aspirations.  Vermillionville is also a Harvest Host location so I helped her secure a spot for the night.


During our time walking through the park, I had mentioned all the amazing food we have down here in Cajun country. One of them was Boudin,  the other was the Turduckens and de-boned stuffed chicken from Hebert’s specialty meats in Maurice.

At Vermillionville, Lise waited for another Canadian Vanlifer to show up, Nicole Leclerc is a retired 1st mate on Ice breakers in the Saint Laurence seaway most of her life. She and Lise had also met on social media because they both drive vans made by the same up-fitter Safari Condo 


The following night for them  was  at Palmetto Island State Park south of Abbeville. One the way, they stopped at Hebert’s for a stuffed chicken and invited me for dinner! ☺️😁E2A27561-82C8-42E7-8D3A-AA243E24D9CB

HOW COULD I SAY NO?!?  😁 It wasn’t a hard decision to head out in the van to the State park, luckily, I was able to get in the next spot over. We cooked the chicken(it was delicious)  on the fire pit and later watched an armadillo root around for it’s dinner. Louisiana wildlife at it’s finest 🙄




Breakfast was buckwheat pancakes with my special blend of  Black Rifle Coffee in my van. Shortly after,  I said my goodbyes leaving them to go and explore Abbeville on bicycles.


I really wish them the best on their travels, it would be really cool if we could meet up down the road in the future or at least hopefully sharing their story of adventure inspire others to do the same.  Get out and GEAUX!


Author: PNWTenere

It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

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