Tyson Blood of Fusion Graphix

It’s a small world in Olympia, having found a mechanic for my Subaru back in 2010 at Eddie’s Automotive. “Fast Eddie” Blood was the only person to work on my Subaru Forester for the 150k miles I owned it and building that sort of long term relationship he introduced me to his son Tyson that owns Fusion Graphix.

708B5BFE-56DD-4ADC-8A07-71603F66EB97Tyson started designing his own motocross graphics as a teen and his business grew from that experience . He now has a fully furnished shop that can wrap just about anything…. you name it , he’s done it! 

All of his equipment is state of the art from robotic cutters to his new 4’x8’ printer.
His team was able to put the Yamaha “Speed Block” stripe on my van back in 2018, they did such a good job with the Yamahauler that it was an easy choice for them to do the T-700.

The biggest challenge Tyson faced was not having a template of the T-700 to work from so he had to build his own.  Several hours of work went into getting the body panels sized just right on the computer screen. Now that he has the template done,  he can print ready made kits to sell or you can bring him your ideas of how you’d like your bike to look and Tyson can go full custom. He actually used the stripe from my van to do the one on my bike. Very cool! And if I want to change anything, he’s just a call away to reprint. Nothing but the best in customer service, you just can’t beat that!

Once all the decals were printed and cut, it was a pretty simple application process but I left that part up to Tyson, the pro, thats been at it for almost 20 years now!

I wanted to make sure I added all the companies that make the aftermarket parts or “farkles” that I plan to use as part of the wrap, it looks so much nicer then just adding stickers IMO.  Cyclops Adventure Sports, Camel ADV, Giant Loop, Mosko Moto, Heidenau Tires, Laam Custom Seats , AltRider and Twisted Throttle all were kind enough to give me permission to use their logo as part of the wrap. A big thanks to all those companies!


I have to say it does match my van pretty good, don’t you think?😏


A huge thank you to Tyson and your crew for getting the custom wrap done for the van and now the bike!

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It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

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