A few days with Don of All Moto Tire

Well, I’m back on the road after another wonderful summer in the PNW! Leaving the smoky skies of western Washington in Everett at the start of US 2, I headed east and didn’t outrun the smoke until an hour out of Spokane!😳🙄 First night was at a Harvest host family farm near Mt Spokane in Mede under clear skies!

I’m trying to stay on US 2 all the way to Duluth Minnesota before heading south on the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail. But first I needed new tires on the T-700, that’s where my old tire guy from Graham Wa comes in. Don Daugherty has been putting Heidenau scouts on my Super Tenere since about 2013, but now he and his wife Debbie are retired from their day jobs, sold their house in Washington and moved to Kalispell Montana. He was kind enough to host me for a few days so we had some time to explore☺️ He asked if I had been to Glacier National Park and I hadn’t so he said that was a must do! Because it was mostly pavement, we kept the stock tires on for another couple hundred miles get the last of the life out of them.
I was blown away on how beautiful GNP is! Our ride started in the chilly morning up for a wild huckleberry bear claw at the Polebridge Mercantile.

After the delicious bear claw, we headed into the National Park where we were greeted with lots of traffic and a couple spots of construction up to Logan Pass. The views are beyond spectacular!

The east side of the park is closed just past Logan Pass because it drops into the Blackfeet reservation and they are trying to control the 😷 so it was an up and back the way we came. We tried to make a full loop but it wasn’t our day.

This was as close to a loop as we could get. I’ll take it! I’m
Once the riding was done, it was tire changing time. Don still has all his tools and machinery to get the job done quick.

I went with a different approach for my first tires after stock. The rear is a 140-80-18 Heidenau Scout Enduro tire ( without the center stripe) and the front is a 90-90-21 Mitas E-10 Dakar, both came from Revzilla and I hand carried them to Kalispell. The stock rear tire size is a 150-70-18 which is a bit more wide and not quite as tall so I also ordered a Kouba lowering link which drops the rear suspension 1/2” making up for the taller tire.

Don is a Heidenau dealer so he can get you what you need, just give him some notice for the freshest set.

While taking off the rear tire I got a refresher lesson on proper chain maintenance. Not having one since 2011, I was a bit rusty but luckily it wasn’t 😉

After the tires were on I made dinner with my instapot, Ethiopian chicken stew and red lintels. New flavors with spices shipped in from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. We split the leftovers as I packed up to get an early start the next morning.

Thank you Don and Debbie for hosting me these last few days. I’ll be coming back to ride more, you can count on that!
Here is the link to contact Don if you need tires for your next adventure, or you are in need of a new set while passing through Montana. http://www.allmototire.com

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It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

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