The Dragon US 129

I spent the Tuesday riding “The Dragon” along US 129, that hops the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. It’s claim to fame is an 11 mile section that has an amazing 318 curves! imageThe pavement is pristine, corners are banked and during the week, there isn’t much traffic.( read motorcycle nirvana!) There was rain in the forecast off and on all day so I was careful to do a few runs back and forth between downpours. I stayed at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort which is at North Carolina “start” of the 11 mile curvy section. Just about every brand of motorcycle and sports car can be seen there if you only sit for an hour or so. Every kind of rider can be seen as well, from the T-shirt, shorts and sandles rider on a cruiser to the full racing leather clad sports bike rider and everything in between. I even got behind a guy in leathers on a Honda Grom for a mile or so before he was kind enough to pull offer so I could pass 😉 The Resort hosts events most weekends and I was told by several PNWSTOG members to avoid the weekends like the plague, I’m glad I did, thanks guys!

My room was directly across from “The tree of shame” where the unlucky riders that loose various bike parts on the dragon get to immortalize their carnage. The tree is a very popular photo spot as is the “Dragon” made by a local artist.

Deep in the Smokey mountains, US 129 is mostly a tree covered tunnel with only a few vistas to get a peek at the rolling green hills. There are a few reservoirs in the area so several dams to check out if that is your thing. I was enjoying the pavement and the curves so much to slow down long enough for lots of pics. There are also a few enterprising businessmen that camp out in the corners to snap your picture as you pass by to post online for sale. and are the two main ones. imageimageimageimage

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