Visit to RevZilla

One of the stops on my trip I had always planned to make was The old Navy Yard in Philadelphia to see the guys at RevZilla. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off a tour but as luck would have it, I DID and it was awesome! I made it to the shop in the mid afternoon and the parking lot was full of bikes

I walked in and saw a familiar face, It was none other than ”  The Gear Chic” Joanne Donn, She is a very popular blogger and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to women’s riding gear.

Joanne has worked at RevZilla for a few years now, since moving from her home in San Fransisco for this job. She said she loves the job but misses the great roads around the Bay Area. I can truly attest that the riding is better out there as well.

She introduced me to the Boutique manager Brian Harris who took about 30 min from his super busy schedule to show me around.  Thanks Brian! 1st stop was the studio to see where the magic happens. Its where their very popular   You tube channel gets filmed and edited. They had just finished shooting for the day so they got a few shots of me in the studio.

We walked through the back office spaces, It’s mostly open with a few offices around the perimeter. There must have been 30+ “gear geeks” on duty answering questions and taking orders. The term gear geek is not one taken lightly. 1st off, you MUST have a motorcycle endorsement and actually ride. Most, if not all, ride multiple styles of bikes( Cruiser, ADV, Sport, Scooter, touring and/or dirt) Riding by the the employee parking, I saw just about every style represented. To get Geek status, you also must pass the RevZilla University training, an intensive 60 day training.

You won’t get near a phone till at least your 30 day mark and you’ll have an instructor with you when you do.  They take the training pretty serious.  All of the geeks have a huge walk in closet with gear to check out and are even encouraged to wear the gear while out on their bikes, because how can they be knowledgable about the products they sell and not really know how they fit and feel. Another reason why they are the biggest internet motorcycle company in the world….

Like many internet “start up” companies (since 2007), Revzilla has a work hard, play hard mentality, there is a gym, break room, cafeteria, basketball court and even a skateboard half-pipe for the employees to use at their convince. They were just named the best business to work at in Philadelphia, I can see why!

The prize wheel for the employees morale


At the end of the tour, we walked past one of the founders, Anthony Bucci’s office and he was there but on the phone, Brian asked his secretary if he had a few minuets free and she said he could meet me in about 10 🙂


Anthony Bucci 

Anthony is a really approachable person, he was jealous of my trip and what I had done already. He asked if I needed anything, but having already spent about $7k there since 2009 on gear for Elsa and I , I said I was good. 😉  I’m not sure I’d ever live on the east coast or around Philadelphia but Revzilla would be a great place to work if I did. Seeing the behind the scenes there, really ties it all together after being on the phone with the geeks and always getting superb customer service going above and beyond to answer all my questions I had.


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