Summer in the Pacific Northwest❤️

Wow, what a summer it’s been!

Here is a map of “most” of my summer travels. A few glitches in the In-Reach (and me forgetting to turn it on🙄) missed at least 1k-2k miles of travel. Still quite impressive, don’t you think? 🙌


Kicking off the summer was the big Tenere weekend in Nor Cal then the Giant Loop rally at Crystal Crane.  I made my way back into Washington to hang out with my daughters and the use of Elsa’s basement as my summer “home base”. 


I soon returned to Oregon to ride the Coastal Range with Ron Kelm to scout out a weekend ride for next summer. Such beautiful roads out there!


That weekend rolled into meeting my good friend Sherry who was on her first “mostly” solo 1 month ride across 6 western states. I say “mostly” because she travels with Blondie her lab and also meets up with other riders along the way to ride/camp with…. sounds familiar? 🤔☺️😁 After I showed her through Oregon and into Idaho, she went to Montana for almost a week then returned to California via the Pacific coast. Much cooler weather for Blondie.


I got to hang out at Elsas cabin on Lake Bronson in Sultan, it’s a great place to unwind and relax. I also stayed at a few other AANR parks in the Northwest.  For some it would be a step out of their comfort zone but so is adventure riding, isn’t it?


I finished up the summer with two weekends of riding with the PNWSTOG through the Cascade Mountains of Washington. One weekend was 6 passes in the middle of the state, the other was farther south near the Columbia river.  Both offer spectacular riding and even more magnificent views. It was so good to ride with the group I helped start. Thanks Chris Dantzischer and Kevin Russell for keeping it going!


There are so many people I need to say thanks to for letting me be a “driveway vagrant” 🙏🙌🙏 Woodie Krugel, Elsa,Anji & Glen Pettit, Jen Livingood, Tad Haas & Galia Gutierrez , Joe Benjamin, Ron Kelm, Bridget Hayes, Scott Lindley and Tom Poenitch.

Y’all helped make my summer a success! THANK YOU!

I’ll leave you with a ton more pictures in random order from the summer. The Pacific Northwest is such a wonderful place! I’ve called it home for about 22 years now, longer, in fact then I’ve even lived in Louisiana. I’ll always come back here, at least for the summers!


Author: PNWTenere

It's all about going for a ride with friends on the Yamaha Super Tenere, on road or off in the Pacific Northwest

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